Carnegie Mellon University
University of Pittsburgh
High Energy Physics Seminar
Summer / Fall 2005

The High Energy Physics Seminar at CMU is nominally on Wednesday afternoon at 4.30 pm in Wean 7316.
Tea and cookies at 4 pm in the faculty lounge.
Seminars hosted by Pitt are in Allen Hall.

Note special Date
Tue. Aug 23, 2005:
New approach to heavy quarkonium production in hadronic collisions
4:30 PM in 106 Allen (@ Pitt)
Jean-Philippe Lansberg, Universite de Liege

Wed. Sep 07, 2005:
CMS@LHC: Evidence for Intelligent Design
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Drew Baden, Univ. of Maryland

Wed. Sep 14, 2005:
Effective Lagrangian Approach to Electroweak Data
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Witek Skiba, Yale Univ.

Note special Date and TIME
Thu. Sep 22, 2005:
Two Higgs Doublet Model and Some Fantasies About the History of Time
Abstract (for use in weekly listings) --- Longer abstract
3:30 PM in 106 Allen (@ Pitt)
Ilya F. Ginzburg, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk

Wed. Sep 28, 2005:
LHC physics and QCD beyond the leading order
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Frank Petriello, The Johns Hopkins Univ.

Wed. Oct 19, 2005:
Partly Supersymmetric Grand Unification
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Tony Gherghetta, University of Minnesota

Note special Date
Thu. Oct 20, 2005:
What exactly are parton densities? Are they universal?
4:30 PM in 216 Allen (@ Pitt)
John Collins, Penn State University

Wed. Oct 26, 2005:
Self-Force with a Stochastic Component from Radiation Reaction of a Scalar Charge Moving in Curved Spacetime
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Chad Galley, Univ. of Maryland

Tue. Nov 01, 2005:
Neutrino masses and oscillations
3:00 PM in 106 Allen (@ Pitt)
Adam Para, Fermilab

Wed. Nov 2, 2005:
SUSY at the LHC with SMadGraph
4:30 PM in 216 Allen (@ Pitt)
David Rainwater, Univ. of Rochester

Wed. Nov 9, 2005:
Lattice Computation of Meson and Hybrid Radiative Transitions
4:30 PM in 216 Allen (@ Pitt)
Jo Dudek, Jefferson Lab
(Host: Swanson)

Wed. Nov 16, 2005:
The Quest for the Higgs: Where do we stand
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Anna Goussiou, Univ. of Notre Dame
(Host: Rothstein)

Note special Date and Time
Tue. Nov 22, 2005:
Examining the Evidence for Constituent Gluons
2:30 PM in 106 Allen (@ Pitt)
Adam Szczepaniak, Indiana Univ.
(Host: Swanson)

Wed. Nov 30, 2005:
Searching for neutrino oscillations with MiniBooNE
4:30 PM in 216 Allen (@ Pitt)
Jonathan Link, Columbia Univ.
(Host: Leibovich)

Note special Date
Tue. Dec 6, 2005:
Detection of Ultra-High Energy Tau Neutrinos with a Surface Detector Array
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Prof. Maurizio Iori, University of Rome
(Host: Russ)

Wed. Dec 7, 2005:
B physics beyond CP violation: Semileptonic B decays
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Masahiro Morii, Harvard University
(Host: Briere)

Wed. Dec 14, 2005:
Lifetimes of heavy hadrons in the heavy quark expansion
4:30 PM in 216 Allen (@ Pitt)
Alexey Petrov, Wayne State University
(Host: Swanson)

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