Carnegie Mellon University
High Energy Physics Seminar
Fall 2004

The High Energy Physics Seminar at CMU is nominally on Wednesday afternoon at 4.30 pm in Wean 7316.
Tea and cookies at 4 pm in the faculty lounge.

Wed. Nov. 10, 2004:
Exploring Penguins: Gluon Loop Diagrams at BABAR
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Aaron Roodman, SLAC

Wed. Nov. 17, 2004:
Pion and muon decays revisited
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Dinko Pocanic, Univ. Of Virginia

Wed. Dec 1, 2004:
Determining CKM unitarity triangle angles alpha and gamma
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Jure Zupan, CMU

Wed. Dec 8, 2004:
Cosmology Quantized in Cosmic Time
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Marvin Weinstein, SLAC

Wed. Dec 15, 2004:
The Decay Sigma+ -> p mu+ mu- and Possible New Physics from HyperCP
4:30 PM in Wean 7316
Hyangkyu Park, Univ. of Michigan

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