CMS Muon Endcap CSC Anode Front-End AFEB-ALCT Cables

blue_ball.gif Introduction.

Tables of the cable production status, delivery and instructions for the cable harness assemblies are given here.
blue_ball.gif The Cable Production Status.

- Tables of the cable production status (Tables).
blue_ball.gif The AFEB-ALCT cable harness assemblies (instructions).

- ME1/2 chamber (me1_2.pdf ), ( ME1-2_stack_labeling.pdf ).
- ME1/3 chamber ( ME1_3.pdf ).
- ME2/1 chamber ( ME2_1.pdf ).
- ME234/2 chamber (Me234.pdf ).
- ME3/1 chamber ( ME3_1.pdf ).
- ME4/1 chamber ( Me4_1-3.pdf ).
blue_ball.gif The Cable Production and Distribution Status (summary).

- Summary Tables of the cable production and delivery status (Latest Tables), (Previous Tables).

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