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Endcap Muon Meeting at Carnegie Mellon University
October 18-19, 2003

The next endcap muon meeting will be held on Saturday/Sunday, October 18-19 in the University Center of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. The meeting will start around 2:00 pm on Saturday and should end around 3 pm on Sunday. Many of the details about transportation and housing can be found by going to the Beauty 2003 conference web-site, which will be held in the same building immediately preceding the EMU meeting. The link is: Beauty 2003 Conference.

Hotel Rooms

Please make your own hotel reservations. There are 3 hotels within walking distance of the meeting: the University Club, the Wyndham Garden Hotel, and the Holiday Inn Select. All of them also have a courtesy shuttle to CMU. See the Beauty 2003 web-site for the details about the three hotels. Since the deadline for getting the conference reduced rates has passed, you might not get the rates listed on the Beauty 2003 web-site. But mention that you are attending a meeting at CMU and see if they will give you a better rate. At the end of the list of hotels on the conference web-site, there is also a useful map showing the location of the hotels in relation to CMU.

Transportation to Carnegie Mellon

Again, it's easiest to refer to the corresponding page on the Beauty 2003 web-site. Bulletin #2 on that web-site also gives further details on taking the public bus (28X) from the airport to the hotels, and getting from the hotels to campus. The cheapest and easiest way to get to the hotels and to CMU is using the 28X public bus. The bus runs every 15-20 minutes from the airport, takes about 50 minutes (instead of about 35 minutes if you drive yourself) and costs $2.25. The bus goes by all the hotels and ends its run at CMU. The bus lets you off at the corner of Forbes Ave. and Morewood Ave. Refer to the last two paragraphs of this section on how to find the University Center from the bus stop.

However, if you are planning to rent a car at the airport, here are the instructions on getting to CMU:

Leaving the airport, follow the signs for Pittsburgh. You will be on Route 60 for awhile and this will eventually become Interstate 279 North. Continue to follow the signs for Pittsburgh.

After about 15 miles, you will enter the Fort Pitt tunnel and then cross the Fort Pitt bridge (marvel at the site). You should be in the right lane as you cross the bridge. Take the first exit on the right at the end of the bridge, which will say 376 East/Monroeville.

Take Route 376 East about 2 miles and exit at Exit 2A, Forbes Ave/Oakland.

You will now go about 1.3 miles on Forbes Ave. (which is one way) to CMU, passing first through the Oakland business district. You will pass the tall Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus on your left and the Carnegie Museum (with dinosaur) on your right. You will then go through an intersection with a light at Forbes Ave. and Craig St. Continue on Forbes.

You will now start to see CMU buildings on your right and, after crossing a small bridge, you will see a large parking lot on your left. The next light after Craig is only for people exiting this parking lot. However, about 50 yards beyond this light, but before you get to the next light, you will see an entrance on your left into the parking lot, which is called the Morewood parking lot. The gates will be open and parking is free on weekends.

Park in this lot, walk down to the next intersection, which is Morewood Ave. Cross Forbes at the light and you will then be at the main entrance to CMU. The large building on the left of the grass quadrangle in front of you is the University Center building. The EMU meeting will be held on the second floor of this building in the McKenna-Peters room. This room is directly across the hall from Rangos auditorium, which is where the Beauty 2003 conference will be held. Take any stairway to the second floor and follow the signs to the McKenna-Peters room. The Beauty conference goes on until about 1:15 pm on Saturday, so if you would like to see some of the talks, please do so.

A campus map showing the Morewood Parking Lot (P2), the airport shuttle (28X) bus stop and the University Center (building 19) is at: Campus Map

Registering Your Computer

If you are bringing your laptop computer to the meeting, we will need to register your machine before you come in order for you to use our wireless system. Please e-mail me your wireless card hardware address at least a few days before the meeting.

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