Physics Resources

News and Preprints

Los Alamos Preprints
Physics electronic preprint server
SPIRES database
High energy physics preprint database search
Physics News
High energy physics news from Brown University
High Energy Physics Information Center
The Virtual Review
An informal "journal" reviewing current topics and preprints

Local Physics

CMU High Energy Physics Home Page
Descriptions of current research and people in HEP theory and experiment
University of Pittsburgh Physics
Home page for the University of Pittsburgh's physics department
Physics Seminar Schedule
Physics seminar schedule for CMU

Physics Publications

Nuclear Physics Electronic
Index-searching, browsing, and retrieval of full-text of Nuclear Physics A, B, and C
APS Journals
Information about Physical Review Letters and Physical Review B, C, and D
Particle Data Group
The Review of Particle Properties
Computers in Physics
Home page for Computers in Physics
Physics Today
Home page for Physics Today
HEP Newsletters and Periodicals
List of links to HEP newsletters

Physics Software

The Virtual Laboratory of Physics
A library of physics Java applets
Collection of high energy physics software and software information
Mathematica Home Page, including a library of Mathematica packages
CERNLIB documentation
CERN Program Library Documentation

Directories of Physics Information

The most comprehensive index to physics on the Internet
Virtual Library: High Energy Physics
CERN's list of High Energy Physics sites
High Energy Physics Information Center
Searchable database of physics information on the Web
Einet Galaxy: Physics Listings
A good index to physics on the web

Job and Conference Listings

LANL announcements
Los Alamos job Announcements page
FNAL conference announcements
Fermilab Conferences, Workshops, Meetings, Schools
TIPTOP Physics Forum
Jobs, conerences, workshop, and summer school listings
AIP job listings
American Institute of Physics job listings

Physics Laboratories and Sites


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