Carnegie Mellon University
High Energy Physics Seminar
Spring 2001

The High Energy Physics Seminar at CMU is regularly on Wednesday afternoon at 4.30 pm in Wean 7316. Tea and cookies at 4 pm in the faculty lounge.

Jan 17, 2001: Stephen Bailey (Harvard University) A Study of New B -> J/psi K(*)0 X decays
Jan 24, 2001: Alfredo Aranda (College of Williams and Mary) A Minimal Theory of Flavour
Jan 31, 2001: Jon Rosner (University of Chicago) Factorization Tests and CKM Matrix Determination in B Decays
Feb 07, 2001: Adam Lewandowski (Johns Hopkins University) Physics at the Charm Scale in K -> pi+ nu nubar
Feb 14, 2001: Fred Gilman (Carnegie Mellon University) The HEPAP White Paper
Feb 21, 2001: Maxim Goncharov (Kansas State University) Charm Production in Neutrino-Nucleon Deep Inelastic Scattering at NuTeV
Feb 22, 2001: Greg Landsberg (Brown University) Out-of-this-World Physics: Probing Quantum Gravity in the Lab
--> Thu Feb 22: Note unusual date and location (Wean 7423)!
Feb 28, 2001: Lee Roberts (Boston University) Recent news from the vacuum? The Muon g-2 1.3 parts per million result.
Mar 01, 2001: Richard Haas (University of Florida) Technicolor Dreams: The Search for Leptoquarks at CDF
--> Thu Mar 01: Note unusual date and location (Wean 7423)!
Mar 07, 2001: Fritz DeJongh (Fermilab) Physics at a Neutrino Factory
Mar 14, 2001: Ian Hinchliffe (LBNL) Prospects for New Physics at the LHC
Mar 26, 2001: Erich Poppitz (Yale University) Braneworlds of Codimension Two, Gravity Localization, and AdS/CFT
--> Mon Mar 26: Note unusual date!
Mar 27, 2001: Andrzej Czarnecki (University of Alberta) Muon g-2: A Probe of Short-distance Physics
--> Tue Mar 27: Note unusual date!
Mar 30, 2001: Massimo Porrati (New York University) Gauged Holography
--> Fri Mar 30: Note unusual date!
Apr 04, 2001: Cheng-Ju Stephen Lin (UMass Amherst / SLAC) Search for Time Dependent Bs Oscillations at SLD
Apr 11, 2001: Min Jeong Kim (CHEP Korea / FNAL) Search for R-parity Violating Scalar Top Quark Decays in pp= Collisions
Apr 18, 2001: Matthias Neubert (Cornell University) Flavor Delicacies
Apr 25, 2001: Josh Klein (University of Pennsylvania) Solar Neutrinos and the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
May 02, 2001: Natalie Roe (LBNL) Recent Results from BaBar: CP Violation and Mixing
May 09, 2001: Kam Biu Luk (UC Berkeley) How is HyperCP doing?
May 16, 2001: Valery Serbo ( Novosibirsk State University) High Energy Photon Colliders and Physics of gamma-gamma Interaction